Since 1995, CMA has provided customized outplacement services that meet organizations’ specific needs and minimize risk, from notification to separation. The CMA advantage is that we are more than a traditional outplacement company; we are a complete HR services firm. As a result, we understand the current state of employment and deliver focused, realistic career-transition solutions based on information gleaned from interactions with CEOs, CFOs, HR leaders and hiring managers. We continually integrate their feedback to update our methods, techniques and tips so that we always provide the best career advice for today’s job market.

Our approach is attuned to the needs of the affected individual or group. No number is too small or too large. Whether related to a corporate restructuring, temporary downsizing, or termination for performance reasons, we help employees minimize transition time and maximize their chances for finding a good fit with their next employer.

CMA’s career transition programs are designed to accommodate the differing transition needs of employees at different organizational levels. Thus, we provide distinct levels of service, although any service level may be delivered to any individual.

THE FOLLOWING CORE COMPONENTS are available within each level of career transition service and will be customized to the individual need:

  • One-on-One Career Coaching
  • Résumé Development
  • Interview Preparation
  • Marketing Job Search Support
  • LinkedIn Profile Development and Job Search Training
  • Career Training Webinars

CMA’s Outplacement programs can be in-office, virtual, group and/or online only programs, any of which can be combined and customized as needed.

  • Premier Executive Programs
  • VP / Director / Manager Programs
  • Front Line Programs
  • Group Programs
  • Online Only Programs

Premier Executive Programs are designed specifically for your C-Suite or SVP leadership team. These one-on-one programs are customized to the executives and their specific needs. Typically six or more months in length, these programs provide a high level of assistance to individuals and their families during periods of change. All foundational elements are developed to their full potential. In addition, comprehensive assessment services, unlimited email access and additional support are provided to ensure these senior executives maximize their available choices. 

VP/ Director/ Manager Programs are customized to the individual’s level and needs. Typically two to four months in length, these one-on-one sessions provide individuals the opportunity to develop and practice necessary tools and skills and build their confidence to be successful in today’s job market. Short- and long-term career goals are evaluated. CMA consultants advise and assist the individual throughout the program. 

Front Line Programs are typically appropriate for key contributors or hourly employees. Generally one month in length, these one-on-one sessions provide the foundational basics for a successful career transition. Résumé, interviewing and networking comprise the three core topics of this program. 

Group Programs provide seminars/workshops to larger groups affected at the same time. Multiple seminars often run concurrently. These interactive sessions are designed to move the candidates forward and provide basic tools. Topics include:

“What Now”/Unemployment                                                Interviewing

Résumé Development                                                          Networking

Today’s Job Search including Social Media                            LinkedIn