HR Services

In today’s highly regulated business climate, a strong HR department is more important than ever. CMA customizes HR solutions for organization of all sizes. Our compliance expertise can keep you on the right side of the law and/or train your staff in this evolving and complex area. 

We get to know you and your culture, which enables us to deliver improved performance from engaged employees.

CMA HR services include: 

    HR Subscription Service 
This fee-based service gives each organization a wide variety of choices to engage with CMA to deliver top level tailored HR assistance. CMA can assist your organization on an hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly or project based. This tailored HR Subscription Service gives you the client the opportunity to choose what your level of need is for the project. CMA’s approach is to work with your company or HR manager to evaluate and improve the internal human resource systems. Our team of professionals are seasoned experts who bring a high touch process and take pride in understanding your culture to ensure that our services reflect the values and mission of your organization. 

  Organizational HR Audit & Analysis

An HR audit is an investigation of the organization’s current practices, policies and procedures. The cost of conducting an HR audit is miniscule compared to the risk of lawsuits, noncompliance penalties and failed business strategies.

Organizations must keep pace with change by analyzing and modifying practices and procedures. CMA can help by objectively assessing an organization’s needs. One of our HR professionals meets with the client to identify areas of concern. We collect information by auditing and reviewing internal records, interviewing employees, using questionnaires and applying other diagnostic tools. The information gathered is closely analyzed, and our findings and recommendations are submitted to management. We are then available to coach the client through the implementation of these recommendations, or we can send in our HR team to complete the projects. 

    I-9 Audits
CMA conducts I-9 Audits of all active and inactive employees. Our comprehensive approach to review your I-9 documentation is to gauge the general condition of the documents and how well your company’s compliance procedure is working. This is often the first step in determining the areas of potential liability or what changes to your compliance policy should be considered. A detailed report of all findings will be provided at the conclusion of the audit.

    Organizational Surveys
The thoughts and opinions of an organization’s workforce are important indicators of the issues, both positive and negative, currently facing the business. CMA’s HR professionals, working closely with an organization’s senior managers, gather valued employee opinions.

    Employee Law Compliance and Audit
In today’s business environment, compliance with government regulations is an increasingly difficult task. Our highly trained team works with labor attorneys to analyze an organization’s adherence to various state/provincial and federal regulations.

  EEO Compliance
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has focused its compliance efforts on hiring issues, such as background and credit checks, and on violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are also many state and federal laws that address different forms of discrimination. The EEOC is responsible for enforcing several employment laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Equal Pay Act, Age Discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Our team can assist with all of these essential components of EEO compliance.

  Employee Handbook
The employee handbook is one of the most important tools a company uses to communicate with its employees. Not only does it establish standards of behavior and performance, it also describes what employees can expect from the company. Personnel policies should be among the first formal communications that a company initiates with any employee. Misunderstandings or misstatements can create legal liabilities. CMA’s employee handbook review/design is customized to your business needs. Through procedure development and clear, written articulation of policies and expectations, we help you enhance communication and reduce liability.

  Supervisor Handbook
A supervisor handbook is an outline of standard operating procedures that clearly states company policy and procedures. The guide assists supervisors in directing employees and managing day-to-day operations. An effective handbook may cover the handling of employee relations issues and disciplinary measures, conduct of harassment investigations, interviewing of employment candidates, and conduct of performance evaluations. Like all of CMA’s programs, a review and/or creation of a supervisor handbook is a collaborative process designed to fulfill the specific needs of the organization.

  New Hire Orientation/ On-Boarding
Most employers spend significant time and resources on recruitment to identify the right candidate for the company. But the process does not end once an employee has been hired. CMA can create a program for integrating employees into the organization, thereby ensuring that individuals who demonstrated great potential during recruitment are well prepared to excel in their new roles and deliver above-average performance and teamwork. Our on-boarding programs are proven to reduce employee performance problems and turnover.

  Job Descriptions
Through job analysis and a one-on-one meeting with employees, CMA can help a company define the responsibilities, requirements and functions of a given position. The result is an accurate job description, which is critical for both employee and manager to ensure clarity of roles and expectations.

  Performance Appraisal Programs
Performance management is an ongoing communication process, undertaken in partnership between an employee and his or her immediate supervisor. It involves establishing and documenting clear expectations. Formal performance appraisal programs are key to an organization and its productivity. CMA can review and develop a documented process covering workers, professionals and other staff members. We can also highlight warning signs for problems, indicate where in the performance management process things are most likely to go wrong, outline the proper way to conduct appraisals and employee reviews to mitigate negative outcomes and provide guidelines for managing termination or other actions resulting in dissolution of the employee / company relationship.

  Succession Planning
Succession planning is essential in reducing risk by facilitating leadership continuity. CMA’s succession planning program ensures that senior leadership and HR professionals develop a succession plan which:

  • Prepares current employees to assume key roles.
  • Plans for needed recruitment and staffing, with improved retention.
  • Improves performance and compensation management.
  • Reviews current and predicts future workforce requirements.

  Affirmative Action Plans
Our consultants regularly advise clients regarding federal and state government contract requirements, including affirmative action obligations, compliance standards and procedures. We can counsel you on issues related to government contract coverage and help you develop fully compliant affirmative action programs that meet the latest Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations. We can also represent or support you in any compliance review audit. Or if you prefer, we can train your human resources staff in advance of a desk or an on-site audit, talking them through the process and helping them to prepare. Should an OFCCP audit uncover discrepancies, we can advise you in the negotiation of conciliation agreements or in the defense of an enforcement action.

  Compensation Analysis and Surveys
Analyzing compensation systems is an integral part of AAP planning. Recently the OFCCP has, in a well-publicized move, aimed new focus at discrepancies in compensation systems affecting minorities and women. There have also been several major class action lawsuits alleging unfair compensation. Given the surge of litigation in this area, employers are well-advised to be proactive in assessing their compliance with guidelines on systematic compensation discrimination. CMA includes such comprehensive compensation analysis as part of every affirmative action plan we develop. Using an employer's existing computerized data, CMA conducts a confidential analysis of the compensation systems and identifies areas of concern. In preparation for and during an OFCCP audit, CMA can prepare any additional analysis required and assist in clearly explicating the legitimate, nondiscriminatory basis for the compensation system. If necessary, we can engage statisticians and economists to counter allegations of compensation discrimination.

  Leadership Retreats
CMA partners with your organization to design retreats that are focused, productive and results-driven. We develop an event after listening to and understanding your corporate culture, the current situation and desired outcomes. We then design achievable objectives to address those needs and facilitate the retreat so participants can concentrate on achieving goals and solving problems. We believe in creating an interactive environment in which participants openly discuss issues and work on collaborative solutions.

Conducting a thorough workplace discrimination investigation can be challenging. It requires time, extensive research and knowledge of applicable laws and regulations. CMA can help you gather details surrounding difficult circumstances. When you use CMA, you will gain an experienced, objective professional who will conduct a swift and complete investigation, and you will receive a full report of findings. An investment in one of our highly respected, specially trained HR consultants to resolve a workplace discrimination complaint can save millions in litigation costs and limit damage to employee relations and company reputation.