As the COVID-19 crisis continue, CMA can provide guidance on human resource best practices and answers to frequently asked questions. As an essential business, CMA continues operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our professionals are currently working remotely and following social distancing guidelines. If you need HR assistance, including guidance on hiring, furloughs, layoffs, return to work or other workforce concerns, contact us at 207.780.1125 or

Contract Staffing

Some corporate clients have a short-term need that requires a skilled professional but not permanent hire. We help first by identifying and reviewing candidates to fulfill that position on a contractual basis. Once a contract hiring decision is made, that professional becomes an employee of CMA; although they report to the client we pay salary, taxes, benefits and cover all liabilities.


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Resume Uploader

If you’d like to have a better understanding of where you stand in the job market – even if you’re happy where you are right now – why not send us your resume? We’ll keep it on file and, when an opportunity arises that might be a good match, we’ll contact you discreetly and professionally.

There are no fees for this service; all our search fees are employer-paid. We guarantee confidentiality in all our communications.

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