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Customizing your HR solutions

The Ken Blanchard Companies'

DISCovering Self and Others with 360° Feedback

CMA is pleased to be the only 3rd party authorized provider in Maine and New Hampshire for the Ken Blanchard program, DISCovering Self and Others with 360° Feedback.

Ken Blanchard Companies'This version of the popular 4-quadrant behavioral model with concepts originally developed by Dr. William Marston in the late 1920s is easy to comprehend and provides powerful feedback on behavioral preferences. The 360° feedback mechanism further validates true self findings while Blanchard’s accompanying comprehensive workbook and job aid are best-in-class when it comes to usability ­ encouraging both self-understanding and improved relating to others in the workplace.

Individual and Seminar Formats Available

CMA and its clients utilize this DISC version is both individual and group formats. The instrument may be individually administered to support individual coaching and outplacement / career transition program. It may be administered to a group as a leadership development and teamwork tool.

Powerful Behavioral Tool

The Blanchard program is focused less on labeling and more on developing an awareness of an individual’s behavioral preferences as well as those of others with whom the individual interacts. The program is hands-on and packed full of activities, promoting a participatory experience with the goals of:

  • Greater self-understanding and responsibility for everyday interactions with others
  • Improved teamwork
  • More choice of communication styles
  • Realizing and leveraging core strengths

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Kevin M. Healey

Kennebec Savings Bank has used many services provided by CMA. Executive recruitment, career counseling for employees, AAP support and Human Resources consultation. I am pleased with the quality of their work and I don’t hesitate to recommend their services to other HR professionals. CMA is Maine’s “home Town” team when it comes to providing professional HR services.

David Pease

CMA is my go to HR advisor when we need extra hands, eyes or minds to work on an employment related situation or project. I work with CMA in a highly collaborative partnership – we look at our organization’s vision and strategic plan, create a plan that is aligned and customized. I trust the team and am very satisfied with the work and results!

Allison Briggs

CMA is a fabulous trainer: knowledgeable, energetic, and practical! They delivered communication skills training to 30 of our hotel department managers, and the feedback we received was terrific. We certainly will request them back again.

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